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The Programme for Prevention and Counter-Terrorism (PaCT) specialises in raising the capacity of the CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) sector and  the design and implementation of domestic/ localised terrorism prevention and P/CVE strategies. 

Terrorism is relatively rare, but the impact of terrorism is significant. That's why we believe that robust prevention measures are better than the cure. We train and advise professionals from a range of sectors to build their capacity to respond to the risk of radicalisation, extremism and terrorism. 

Find out how we can help your organisation below. 


How we can help

Is your organisation or business interested in safeguarding individuals at risk of radicalisation? Are you delivering projects designed to build resilience to extremism? 

At the Programme for Prevention and Counter-Terrorism, we can help. Our services include: 

  • Advanced training on radicalisation

  • Training to help you understand extremism 

  • Bespoke P/CVE (Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism) project design and consultancy

  • Public speakers for your institution, conference or event with expert knowledge on radicalisation, extremism and terrorism 

  • Educational support to build resilience to extremism  

We also offer bespoke services, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to discuss your needs and we will do our best to support.

The Team

Who Are We?


Liam Duffy


Liam is a Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) specialist and Director of SINCE 9/11, a London-based educational charity which aims to create a legacy of hope from the tragedy of the September 11th terrorist attacks. 

Prior to PaCT and SINCE 9/11, Liam worked for several years to deliver the Home Office's Prevent Strategy (part of the overall Counter-Terrorism Strategy) in a priority London Local Authority.

Liam and Tom joined forces and formed the Programme for Prevention and Counter-Terrorism to ensure that local authorities, businesses, schools and community groups had access to the best support available to prevent radicalisation and respond to the risk of terrorism.

Liam is also an advisory board member for Strength to Strength Global, a New York based organisation which brings together terror attack survivors and their families. 

Tom Llewellyn-Jones


In addition to co-founding PaCT, Tom has been a leading figure in the Prevent (UK Counterterrorism Strategy) Education Network since 2014, responsible for the delivery of the strategy on the ground in a priority London Local Authority. 

Tom has extensive experience of training thousands of frontline professionals on Prevent and how to safeguard individuals at risk of radicalisation. He also supports institutions to assess the risk of terrorism and extremism to their organisation, as well as implement the Prevent Duty. 

Tom trains and advises individuals and teams delivering Prevent across the United Kingdom. 

Prior to this he was Head of Religious Education in a London school.

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